Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM !!!

The World's Greatest Mom, Happy Birthday!!!

Ninty-one years old today....I hope all her dreams are unfolding perfectly. I hope she is being treated like a queen. I hope she is loved and is loving others as much as possible. I hope she is laughing. I hope she has some really good candy today. I hope she knows how much she is loved. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will you dance with me ?

We are in a heat wave. It is HOT! and very humid, too.

I have been busy creating and designing. Since the last post, there have been a lot of transformational changes in my life. The Vi Revolution has begun and the integration of health and happiness on all levels of consciousness is unfolding.

I have probably created a couple dozen websites dealing with The Vi Revolution and how to stay 'centered' and connected ....empowered and wealthy.

My current ninety day dream challenge involves mastering the art of Ki Maah and last night I experienced the essence of the artful movement and it felt really wonderful on all levels. A very integral insightful meaningful moment concerning, 'Spontaneous Acts of Love' and the origin or source of the love.

Hoping to get back to my essential nature of being the poet being the lover being the dancer being the helper being the happiness being the creator being oneself.....that ....i am rasa.

Will you dance with me?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom's New Business

Megatrends 2010, Wikionomics, What would Google do.....state of the art business concepts and ideas all integrated into the most simple easy fun creative system imaginable for those creators who love to help others and love working on transforming a dysfunctional nation into a nation of well-being and happiness. 

Mom's New Business has surfed it's way through the integral age and is ready to enter the magical age. It has connected with The Creator in dancing dream Big dreams into reality. The foundation of the business concept is COMMUNION with one of the healthiest vi-freshments on the planet to remember what is important in life. Relationships. In dancing the dance of well being ....dancing with the divine within as without ...creates the spiral of happiness, joy, bliss, ecstasy, raw juicy hilariousness to manifest within everyone of the bodies 100 trillion individual unique miraculous creative genius cells.

Life's greatest pleasures ...are the small things. Appreciating the beauty of one's surrounding. Feeling the gratitude of family and friends. Feeling the great amazing love being mirrored back to oneself, moment by moment. The art of listening produces the greatest rewards life has to offer. Listening to the heart of reality and dancing the expressive response back into the heart of oneself.

Mom turns ninety one this August 4th. She has out lived two husbands and her brothers and sister. There is no one that I have greater respect for...she is my mom and an elder of our nation. I would do anything she wishes. April 1st was the anniversary of the day my dad died ...long ago. So mom and I and my son Makiah had a celebration. Playing out our dreams together. And co-creating Mom's New Business.

NOW is the time to join with mom in co-creating a world that is based on people helping people, people feeding people, people dancing with creation each and every moment in order to manifest everyones Dream BIG dreams. While the world is attempting to go 'green' is excited to be on the blue path. Where magical moments are infinite and eternal.


Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day.

It was such a perfect day. 

The best things in life are the most simple.

The Vi-Revolution started today.

Home is where the heart is. 

good night.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Spontaneous Act of Love

urgent news flash - urgent news flesh- urgent news flash- 
A 9.4 S.A.L. has hit !!!! 
 The epicenter located at Mom's House, Marion Iowa. 
Immediately prepare to take appropriate action. 

The Vi-Party
the most vi-licious event happening

April 1, 2011 
The White House
900 17th Avenue Marion Iowa 
The front door opens about 6 pm

Theme: Marathon Florida revisited, swimsuits optional 
Music:Ruth Maries' old LP's
Door Prizes: When ever the door bell rings! 
Activity: Making the movie, " Dream Big Dreams
Refreshments: Chef Bobby O Bahama providing vi-licious  vi-freshments 


April first was the day my dad died. In memory and celebration of his life i always do some artwork that day. This year I am starting the 90 day dream challenge. Committing myself to blogging everyday on my GET NAKED AND DANCE website.  

My ninety day goal is to see how many jobs I can create for others. 

My ninety day mission is to see how many children can be fed via the Makiah O Miller Foundation. 

My mission and purpose is to see how hilarious life can be while searching for the doorway of the magical age. 

Imagine experiencing a 9.4 spontaneous act of love that transforms your life instantaneously into a magical utopia.... (instead of a 9.1 spontaneous disaster tossing you into chaos.) 

Imagine hanging out with those people that motivate and inspire you ALL the time. 

Dream BIG Dreams....unfolding. 

see you at mom's place.  

urgent news flash - urgent news flesh- urgent news flash- 
A 9.4 S.A.L. has hit !!!! 
 The epicenter located at Mom's House, Marion Iowa. 
Immediately prepare to take appropriate action. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Commitment, that first step to change.

I was having a fun conversation with an old friend, Mike Nash, who i hadn't seen for some time. We were discussing The Game of Life as we are perceiving it and playing it, when I came to realize my fear of "being in shape" and how it represented change from Being here and now to Being something else entirely...Being something unknown and powerful and full of unimaginable bliss. I felt sad.

Mike inspired me to step into my fear and make love to my fear and embrace empowerment to it's fullest degree. Kelly May offered to be my coach. I said yes.

Commitment is that tiny flash of light that ignites the heart into knowing the essence of the truth of oneself and stands steadfast in acting in accordance to that truth. Being oneself is what i have experienced to be the ultimate goal of education. Simple and easy yet clouded in layers and layers of clouded mis-perceptions concerning the heart of reality.

Commitment is knowing when change is necessary to create a more perfect union with the heart of reality. Commitment is knowing the love of truth and the truth of love and acting accordingly. Commitment is saying yes to the infinite possibilities of the unknown bliss awaiting oneself within the dance of the ultimate well being of oneself.

What is our game, Kelly May?