Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom's New Business

Megatrends 2010, Wikionomics, What would Google do.....state of the art business concepts and ideas all integrated into the most simple easy fun creative system imaginable for those creators who love to help others and love working on transforming a dysfunctional nation into a nation of well-being and happiness. 

Mom's New Business has surfed it's way through the integral age and is ready to enter the magical age. It has connected with The Creator in dancing dream Big dreams into reality. The foundation of the business concept is COMMUNION with one of the healthiest vi-freshments on the planet to remember what is important in life. Relationships. In dancing the dance of well being ....dancing with the divine within as without ...creates the spiral of happiness, joy, bliss, ecstasy, raw juicy hilariousness to manifest within everyone of the bodies 100 trillion individual unique miraculous creative genius cells.

Life's greatest pleasures ...are the small things. Appreciating the beauty of one's surrounding. Feeling the gratitude of family and friends. Feeling the great amazing love being mirrored back to oneself, moment by moment. The art of listening produces the greatest rewards life has to offer. Listening to the heart of reality and dancing the expressive response back into the heart of oneself.

Mom turns ninety one this August 4th. She has out lived two husbands and her brothers and sister. There is no one that I have greater respect for...she is my mom and an elder of our nation. I would do anything she wishes. April 1st was the anniversary of the day my dad died ...long ago. So mom and I and my son Makiah had a celebration. Playing out our dreams together. And co-creating Mom's New Business.

NOW is the time to join with mom in co-creating a world that is based on people helping people, people feeding people, people dancing with creation each and every moment in order to manifest everyones Dream BIG dreams. While the world is attempting to go 'green' is excited to be on the blue path. Where magical moments are infinite and eternal.


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