Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will you dance with me ?

We are in a heat wave. It is HOT! and very humid, too.

I have been busy creating and designing. Since the last post, there have been a lot of transformational changes in my life. The Vi Revolution has begun and the integration of health and happiness on all levels of consciousness is unfolding.

I have probably created a couple dozen websites dealing with The Vi Revolution and how to stay 'centered' and connected ....empowered and wealthy.

My current ninety day dream challenge involves mastering the art of Ki Maah and last night I experienced the essence of the artful movement and it felt really wonderful on all levels. A very integral insightful meaningful moment concerning, 'Spontaneous Acts of Love' and the origin or source of the love.

Hoping to get back to my essential nature of being the poet being the lover being the dancer being the helper being the happiness being the creator being oneself.....that ....i am rasa.

Will you dance with me?

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