Monday, December 13, 2010


Commitment, that first step to change.

I was having a fun conversation with an old friend, Mike Nash, who i hadn't seen for some time. We were discussing The Game of Life as we are perceiving it and playing it, when I came to realize my fear of "being in shape" and how it represented change from Being here and now to Being something else entirely...Being something unknown and powerful and full of unimaginable bliss. I felt sad.

Mike inspired me to step into my fear and make love to my fear and embrace empowerment to it's fullest degree. Kelly May offered to be my coach. I said yes.

Commitment is that tiny flash of light that ignites the heart into knowing the essence of the truth of oneself and stands steadfast in acting in accordance to that truth. Being oneself is what i have experienced to be the ultimate goal of education. Simple and easy yet clouded in layers and layers of clouded mis-perceptions concerning the heart of reality.

Commitment is knowing when change is necessary to create a more perfect union with the heart of reality. Commitment is knowing the love of truth and the truth of love and acting accordingly. Commitment is saying yes to the infinite possibilities of the unknown bliss awaiting oneself within the dance of the ultimate well being of oneself.

What is our game, Kelly May?

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