Friday, April 4, 2008

How does one become a King?

Such an easy question. You were born a King! And even more empowering, you were born a King and a Queen. If your desire is to be fully empowered, (God bless Barrack Obama for asking that question)... know that your were born THE KINGDOM.

Some people make an impression on you the first time you see them. For me, Bernice King had that effect on me. She pulled me into her directly from the heart. Her words, her message, her voice, her mannerisms, her essential nature...unforgettable. I realize she was born a King, but I saw the Queen within her. By seeing the Queen within her the Queen within me felt that essential quality of knowing the Queen, of being the Queen and of knowing the King within. Her presence awoke that aspect of oneself that had been asleep. That aspect of oneself which is the integrated combined nature of the King and Queen, the mother and father of our creation.

Bernice awakened me to a new perspective. Empowering. Beautiful. Joyful. Inspirational.

On this forty anniversary of her father's death at thirty-nine. I feel blessed to know the child, Bernice King. Her losses during the past year have been great, losing her mother and sister. Bernice has inspired me to experience, feel and enjoy the perspective of being the Kingdom. Living in the "space" of beautiful pure perfect love between all "things" of illusionary reflected materialism of our senses.

Today, is full of gratitude of The King loving The Queen being the Kingdom of creation. sure to visit Bernice at and thanks to Michelle for asking the hard questions and dancing all the answers into into the heart of reality.

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