Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where is utopia?

Here and now. Where else could it be.

Utopia is "being oneself," that state of being the essential nature of oneself. That natural flow from the truth of being born an individual unique artistic genius. That most amazing wondrous miraculous perspective of life.

Being oneself is the ultimate meditation, the most integrated balance of health. Balancing the left and right brain hemispheres of the brain with the inside out balancing of the beta, alpha, delta and theta waves of depth of the energetics's within. Once the mind is balanced, the heart meditation can balance the body into being oneself. The happy hands, happy feet, happy activity of flowing
synchronicity. Being oneself is the bliss, the raw juicy hilariousness of being and knowing the space of connectivity of all things.

Designing oneself, is the movement, activity or dance of being oneself within the space of culture and all that is. 'Get naked and dance' is the designing of utopia and scraping is the dance. Scraping is the integration of here and now with all things past and future expressed as totally as possible in a form that is beneficial for everyone.

Blessings to the most amazing friendship with Scott Paul who has opened up the doorway of utopia and scraping to me. Blessings that his legacy might bring the art of philanthropy to new heights within the heart of our culture. And to Michelle Miller and friends... listening to the music and dancing accordingly.

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