Monday, April 7, 2008

Where is peace?

Here and now, of coarse.

Happy Birthday! Fifty years old, to that old sign which is so familiar to us all.

Many years ago, I was working on my second art show which was based on electroencephalograms.
The final art presentation was part of the grand opening of the Del Mar California Communications Center. A multi-media event. Video programming, a live show, paintings, mural, sculptures, drawings, and a book all based on my brain wave art.

From that experience, again and again, the "thought" kept reappearing in question form, "What is the ultimate thought one can have?"

When best friend Betty Patterson, told me about the "great peace march" and the group of people walking from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. I knew immediately that my mission was to experience the walk for research for my next art show. From March til November I was focused on my prayer-contemplation-meditation while walking eastward with a dedicated diverse group of international activists.

Peace is within. And not an easy thing to find. Prayerful peace, of asking the right questions, in order to be more attentive in "listening" for the correct answers. Contemplating the dyadic nature of the left-right brain and all things that seem to appear in the senses. Meditation being the dance of balancing and integrating mind-body-emotion and intuition. Deep deep within the center of the heart of reality where raw juicy hilariousness is awake alive and well ...resides peace, for me.

Blessings to having it reflected back to you in every moment and step of your walk. And the hilarious bliss of having Michelle dance it from the center of the heart of reality towards the center of the heart of the universe. Listen to the peace symbol..the o factor, the straight line, the three aspects bringing form to integrated wholeness. Hilarious. Pelodom

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