Friday, March 28, 2008

How can we create wealth from nothing?

Within the darkest of voids, there exists everything.

I love the green eye of the world. Centered in Greenland? North America being the tear of joy or sadness. the whole world as the face of reality. Deep dark blue being the unconscious intuitive background and ocean of it all.

Our awareness is sacred. As what else is there.

Our wealth is our being oneself. That essential nature of being born the individual unique artistic genius that we are by birth. Naked and pure. Innocent and free.

Our wealth is pure value. Pure gold, as the heart of all treasures. The heart of all that exists, our perspective is so new, fresh and individual to the universe. Being oneself is so perfect. So needed, so cherished, so celebrated.

Our wealth is the integration of our being oneself. Our intuition, intelligence, emotion and body integrating creation within the text of our history and future manifesting in the moment of our awareness. We are all the wealthiest person on the planet. We are all the wealth of all that matters. We are so full of wealth, all we can ever do is share oneself with one another.

Remember to remember, we were all born the richest of the rich. Being here now, is all anyone can have or posses. Celebrating and rejoicing, expressing and sharing the beauty of the nakedness of being oneself is ALL we have. Living in a state of reflected truth is the dance.

If we were ever nothing, the moment of conception of all of history meeting all of history, the egg embracing the sperm in forming the oneness of integration, awareness appeared and multiplied in its own individual unique form. We are all the harmonic system of miraculous wonder manifest. One hundred trillion cells dancing and playing in harmony. We are so wealthy. We are so full of genius. We so fill the space of the heart of reality, that dancing our nakedness in the pure joy of our being ...creates such an amazing utopia.

Illusion fulfills the pain. Truth is the green refreshing visionary perspective of being oneself within the dance of getting naked. Ayman and Rowan for sharing your wisdom and to Michelle Miller and friends for listening to the heart of reality within and designing utopia without.

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