Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where is the end game?

Well Johnny, the end game is death. We are born. We live. We die. Life is a cycle, an adventurous journey. No need to worry about the outcome of living as we all die. Dead. Gone.

So, where exactly is the end is in the process of co-creating and co-designing LEGACY. Legacy is what you do with each and every step along the path of your journey. Where you are playing from...the head, the heart, the body, the intuitive flow or the integration of being oneself.

Legacy is creating and discovering the depths of your individual unique artistic genius and sharing that passionate love with the world.

Legacy is about giving. It is about knowing the heart of reality, that we came naked into the world with precious assets of a miraculous body, mind, emotional and intuitive treasure chest of beingness and we will leave the world with the most delicious lightness of being, leaving all else behind. Plan accordingly.

Remember to remember Johnny, your career is that aspect of your path which illuminates the pure bliss of being oneself. Be your passion. Share your passion.

The legacy of the game is always here and now, being present and aware of how you are connecting with each and every relationship in co-creating and co-designing your own individual unique vision of utopia.

Blessings... in sharing your career advise to the world and to Michelle and friends who remind us all to "get naked and dance."

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