Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is Peace City, Utopia ?

Peace City Utopia is all about Being Oneself. Integrating that individual unique miraculous genius WE were all born as... with the Space of beautiful pure perfect love that surrounds US all, within as without. The i within the WE. The i and WE integrated within the SPACE. Peace City, Utopia is knowing the individual unique miraculous and wondrous genius of each and every cell within the body of oneself. One hundred trillion genius cells all playing in the most amazing harmonic utopian system WE will ever know or experience. WE are Peace City, Utopia ....integrating the utopian nature of oneself with the Utopian nature of the universe.

Peace City, Utopia

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Dr.Claude Windenberger said...

Peace City must be a city of people experiencing inner peace.