Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is naked?

The body, the mind, the heart, the intuition...the combined integrated intelligence of oneself.

Naked. No ideas, no beliefs, no concepts, no emotion, no sadness, no joy, no bliss, no fingers, no feet, no hair, no butt, no tongue, no listening, no knowing.

Naked till the genius of being oneself appears and sprouts.

Naked within the SPACE within and between all that is, naked within the space of beautiful pure perfect love, naked as nature can be, being naked as nature be...naked.

Naked as raw, juicy and hilarious can be. Naked as pure genius can be. Naked as only oneself can be. Naked as being here and now is. Naked as only the dance can be. Being naked and dancing.

Communion with Michelle Miller, as Pope Benedict XVI looks on from center field . Blessing of the union of he/she/we. Blessings of being the naked child in play. Blessings of O.

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